Should you text the girl you like every day? #shorts


All Work and No Dating? Find Time to Find a Relationship

With schedules getting fuller and work hours getting longer, who has time to meet that special someone? Let alone go out on dates and build a relationship. Here are 6 ways for busy people to meet that special someone.

Four Follow Up Tips After Enjoying a Successful First Date

If hoping to capitalize on the momentum of the first date, it helps to be assertive and make the right moves. This should increase the chance of getting a second date. Follow up in accordance with how successful the first date was and how it ended. You might have several options when it comes to making post date follow-up.

The Paradox Of Unconscious Attraction

When it comes to getting girls, sometimes you’ve got to do the opposite of what you think. Then you’ll get more girls than you know what to do with.

How To Release Your Sexually Magnetic Inner Natural

Forget about learning game. Focus on unlearning irrational fears.

You Are My Density And Other Strange Pick Up Lines

Unleash your own hypnotic power with the flux capacitor. Luckily, an imaginary one will do just fine.

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