A Man’s Greatest Enemy (How To Avoid It)


3 Months Is When You Really Know

New relationships are a lot of things, but being truly honest is not their strongpoint. A budding romance is like a sand castle. Wet sand clinging together, provides a firm structure with minimal gaps and elaborate finishes to create a thing of beauty.

The “Occupational Hazard” of Dating 24/7

If you are one of those who date 24/7, the chances of succeeding are small. An “obsessive” search can lead to one failure after another, to one disappointment after another. In order to succeed, you may want to consider the following: instead of dating 24/7, take some time off from dating. Take to reflect about what is really important for you in a relationship. Think about what drives you to feel such neediness for a partner. Such reflection will empower you to approach dating in a calmer and balanced way. These will enable you to find what you are looking for.

Defining the Flirting Phase: Friendly or Seductive?

There are many guys who have a bold confidence, which makes them brave enough to ask girls out on date just because it pleases them. In contrast to that, you might be searching for reassurance and guidance. If putting your heart on the line isn’t what you want to do quite yet, hold out and see if the woman flirts with you. If so, it can be almost guaranteed that she will accept your date request. But hold on! How do you know if the girl is flirting with you or simply being nice?

4 Ways a Man Can Be More Assertive in Dating
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The days of a man just pursuing his love interest, and her waiting for this to occur, have ended. Many women are active, if not aggressive in pursuing their needs and advocating for themselves. That said, passivity is still not sexy, and despite possessing the skill set to do so, most women do not want to be the pursuers.

The Friend Zone – Do You Want To Stay There?

It feels like the “friends’ zone” is just about the worst place you can find yourself, when you genuinely like someone. For those of us that are single, there is probably a buddy of sorts that you meet up for specific movies, a niche food, or some specific activity that despite possible compatibility and definitive availability remains platonic. Maybe it’s because of the belief that once you land in the zone, you have lost all chances of being a romantic option to the friend.

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