NEVER Be Friends with Your EX!


Be Spontaneous and Unpredictable – The Woman He Has to Know

So you’ve tried all the usual games. You’ve flirted, you’ve dressed provocatively, you’ve explored similar interests and done everything you possibly can to let him know that you like him, but he still looks at you like you’re a brick wall. What do you do now?

Letting Him Know That You Like Him

Are you the type of woman who doesn’t know how to express herself around a guy she likes? Do you find yourself struggling for words, or worse, not even knowing how to approach him at all? Do you wonder if something about your behavior isn’t doing the job to clue him in to the fact that you’re interested?

How To Use The Quotes Pattern To Generate Massive Sexual Desire And Attraction

The quotes pattern from covert hypnosis is incredibly powerful. You are about to learn how to apply it to seduction.

Maintaining Control in a Relationship

Does it seem like you never get to have things your way in your relationship? Is your boyfriend, husband or significant other always making the decisions on where to eat, what movie to see, when you meet up, and everything else? Do you feel like he doesn’t appreciate a single thing you do when you’re obviously putting in twice the effort he is, if not more?

Does His Flirting Mean He Likes Me?

Are you one of those women who can read a guy’s mind? Do you always know what he’s thinking, what his next move is, or what he wants from you? Does it feel like dating is a breeze and you can easily figure out precisely where your relationship with him is going?

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