How to Text a Girl & Get Her On a Date


How To Use Hypothetical Questions To Get Her Thinking Of A Sexual Encounter

Most guys would love to blatantly ask a woman for sex, but we know it would never fly. That’s why you’ve got to be a bit sneaky. In this article, you’ll learn exactly how to do that.

How Early Should You Express Sexual Desire When Talking To A Girl?

If you walk up to a girl and tell her you’d like to ravage her, it might not work. But you’d be surprised how close it would be to what would actually work.

Should You Pursue Women, Or Should You Pursue Life?

Many guys spend a fortune and nearly all of their leisure time pursuing women. However, it might be more worthwhile to build wealth instead. Why? You’ll soon find out.

How To Tell If She’s Into You And Worth Pursuing

Most guys waste tons of time and money chasing girls that just aren’t interested in them. In this article you’ll learn how to find out whether she’s into you or not, so you won’t waste any precious time.

Are You Tired Of Falling Off The Dating Merri-Go-Round In Your Quest For The Elusive Mr Right?

At some stage of our lives we have all been in and out of the dating game and some of us more than others. Dating can be a minefield of do’s and don’ts and navigation sometimes requires the deluxe model of GPS systems. If you are new to the dating game or frustrated with the never ending revolving door then read on as I share my insight with you straight from the front line.

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