If a Girl is Looking at You, Do This


Boost Your Confidence Approaching Women

Confidence approaching women is a big issue for a lot of guys so if you’re low on confidence with girls then you’re not the only one. I’ve said time and time again that confidence is all you really need to pick up women. Women are attracted to confident men like magnets.

3 Keys for Finding Your Mr Right As a Mature Dater

Over 50 and Looking for Mr. Right? As Mature Daters, it’s a lot harder to know how to work the Dating System. Here’s 3 keys that should get you on track in the Senior Dating Market.

How To Approach A Girl On The Street – Step By Step

Most guys think there must be some magic formula to approaching a girl on the street but it’s actually very similar to any other pick up or approach. That being said there are a few pointers I want to get across to you on how to approach a girl on the street that will dramatically improve your chances of getting her number.

What He Really Wants From a Woman – Myths About Men Debunked!

Do you sometimes wish you could just get into a man’s head and find out what he really wants from a woman? Although the man that you like right now may seem like a complete mystery most of the time, you can actually learn what he really wants from a woman with ease. To start, you should debunk the most common myths about men first, though!

What Men Really Want Out of a Relationship – Make Yours Last!
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Do you spend too much time trying to figure out what men really want? Do you really want to learn how to decode a man’s thoughts, though, so that you can ensure that your relationship stays as exciting as possible? Well, you are not alone. A lot of women want to learn what men really want, so here is an easy guide to help you out.

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