How to Get Her on a Date Using Texting


Focus On Inner Game And Outer Game Will Take Care Of Itself

Many courses and seminars will teach you everything you need to know about outer game. But if you work on inner game, you’ll never have to worry about outer game again.

How to Get a Smoking Hot Girl to Like You

Dating gorgeous ladies is not as hard as you might think it is. Let’s go over some basic rules that will get any smoking hot girl crazy for you…

Why Women Want To Be Seduced

When it comes to seduction, women don’t like to admit how much they love it. But in reality, all women secretly dream of being swept off their feet.

Some People Lie When They Date

Liars exist off and online. Approach people with equal parts skepticism and playful curiosity.

The Dating Rules

I have known many people who venture out into the dating scene a little scared or apprehensive as they are not sure of “The Rules”. Those unspoken precepts that we must adhere to if we wish to be successful but that we have never been taught. It’s a minefield at the best of times and it can become even more treacherous when we seek advice from those who are closest to us and all have varying opinions. One thing that I have learnt is that we all have demons from our past, some of which seem almost impossible to overcome. In my opinion, I don’t think that we should banish them completely as, used wisely, they can be a lesson and to help us grow. So this is where I hope to help.

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