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10 Dating Mistakes Women Make And How To Avoid Them

You have had one great date with this guy ( in your opinion), but he did not call you up the next day or day after or maybe not at all. You summon the courage to call him up. He gives you some excuse and promises to change. But still nothing from him and all of a sudden, you realize that something is wrong again(?). Yes, you are right, My dear, something is wrong somewhere. So let us examine some of the mistakes women make when dating guys…

Grandma Killed Dating

Do you remember when dating used to be an exciting experience? During the last 100+ years, dating has dwindled from a grand gesture to a twenty minute “booty call.” What happened to our generation, and why do we find it so hard to commit to men. (From a woman’s perspective)

Seven Signs That Show Your Sugar Daddy Is Controlling

When there’s money involved, anything has the unpleasant potential to become more like a business. Your sugar daddy is used to business relationships and he is used to working in an environment where money gives people the right to expect more from the people they deal with. He is used to being the boss.

3 Powerful Pick Up Techniques to Date Women

To become an unstoppable pick up artist, you need to learn the techniques mastered by other successful pick up artists. Meeting and dating women is easier than you think and not at all difficult. The only time it becomes difficult to date women is when the limiting beliefs take over.

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Ladies in Waiting: Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

This article discusses how you can attract the right kind of partner in your life through identifying strengths and healing. Intrinsic and extrinsic traits are discussed in relation to what are traits highly sought after in a romantic relationship. Whether you are a mature, confident, woman ready for a relationship or a woman that is lacking in self esteem, this article encompasses both stages.

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