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The 3 D’s to Discovering Love

They say that time keeps on slipping. For those of us who know love or yearn to find it, we know that the same pillars of time apply to it. Love is tricky enough to be called a science. Whether you have it and you feel it withering away or you tasted it before and you want it back in your life again, there are laws just like in physics that you have to apply. Discovering love therefore needs you to look not only at ways of finding love, but to take into account the times we live in as well.

Love: What To Make Of It, Part 4

When you have found love, you need to realize that it cannot just grow on its own. Love is a constant realization that the other person is real and trying to ensure they are happy and feeling valued. But one fact that will always stand out in the long run is that the person you have fallen in love with is an entirely different individual- he/she has different ideas, different wants and needs, different problems and many more differences that make you two entirely different people. However, you can always strive to be the best for your loved one so that you become compatible with one another. And this entails sacrificing and changing several aspects of your life to accommodate your partner- and vice versa.

Love: What To Make Of It, Part 3

We have been looking at love and how to grow it. As an expression through words and actions, love can be cultivated and made stronger between two individuals. However, a lot of sacrifice, patience and determination will be required for a love relationship to grow. Love is more than just getting attracted to someone; it is about being attached to them to the point that you feel incomplete without your loved one around you. However, before you can actually truly love someone, you need to know them very well. In this piece, we are going to look at how to value the person and people in your life that you love:

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Keeping the Love Alive In Long Distance Relationships Using Text Messages

Time and distance apart for some people, makes it hard to bear being away from their loved one. Yet for some, time and distance does not matter because they keep their love alive via constant communication. Online chats, text messages, and phone calls have become the solution to this predicament.

Love: What To Make Of It, Part 2

Love is more than just attraction or lust, it is all about caring for, and treasuring a loved one, valuing their feelings and considering their happiness above all else. Love is ensuring that the person you have chosen to cherish feels valued. In most cases, when it comes to a love relationship, the bond or commitment is long term. As such, this is someone that you are going to be with for years to come. To ensure that you get to live a ‘fairytale’ life that is full of love, you will need to be ready to make sacrifices. At the same time, there is need to make a lot of changes in how you think, act and do things.

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