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Common Questions About Dating

Dating is one of the most difficult tasks in the human life since partners try to assess how suitable the other is as a spouse. Many questions arise as one tries to prove that he/she is worth being a spouse.

Old Fashioned Dating Rule 2: The Man Plans and Pays

Do the old fashioned dating rules from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s work? I think a lot of them could be dusted off and used today with great success. So how about the old fashioned rule the ‘man plans and pays’. Yup, that’s a keeper. A definite yes that one still applies today.

How Can I Get Through to Him?

Men aren’t the most emotionally expressive of creatures, and sometimes it can feel like it’s downright impossible to figure out what they’re thinking, especially when it comes to love. Are you stuck in a relationship where you feel like you can’t communicate emotionally with your significant other at all? Believe it or not, there may be other reasons for his standoffishness.

Like a Guy? Figure Out How to Get Him to Notice You

Is there a guy you’re interested in who doesn’t seem to realize that you exist? Are you sick of feeling like you’re part of the wallpaper whenever you’re in the same room with him? Are you starting to wonder if you’re invisible?

The Pisces Guy In Love

Are you dating a man who was born under the sign of Pisces? Are you wondering if his star sign is compatible with yours, and what kind of lover he will be? Pisces guys can be a little difficult to manage, at times, but they are devoted, sensitive lovers who will more than give you your money’s worth when it comes to a relationship.

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