How to Build Sexual Tension


Should You Date Your Best Friend – A Man’s Perspective

Dating your best friend can come with several challenges. Any woman who is considering whether or not to date her best friend should think about the physical aspect, conversation aspect, and the prospect of losing her friend forever if the relationship does not work out.

What Part of the Male Body Do Women Check Out?

That just happens to be a very important concern. A man definitely needs to know what women find attractive, and how he should enhance his body if he wants to be appealing to the ladies. There’s this general notion that only men like checking out women’s bodies, but to tell you the truth, girls like looking at guys too.

A Guide to the Friend Zone When Dating

Just because he’s not right for a romantic relationship doesn’t mean he’s not right for friendship. Here’s the dignified way to have relationships with men in The Friend Zone.

Top 7 Tips on How to Make a Guy Kiss You

Wondering how to make a guy kiss you? You’ve been going out with him for a while and you’re really into him. You can tell that the attraction is mutual but every time the date ends, he says goodbye as he drops you off your door. NO kiss!

How to Get a Guy to Like You – 4 Must-Remember Tips

Looking for ways on how to get a guy to like you? What do you do when you like someone and you want him to like you back? Sure, you can bat your eyelids and drop a few hints because that could work most of the time.

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