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Compliments For Girls – What You Should NEVER Say To A Woman You’ve Just Met

Here’s a little-known fact in dating — certain compliments for girls are actually TURN-OFFS rather than turn-ons. And here’s the problem — very few men know they’re making mistakes every single time they compliment a woman! Here’s how compliments for girls SHOULD be like.

How To Plan The Perfect Date

You joined a good dating service and found a profile of the girl you want to take on a date. You were impressed with her pictures and description. She seems to be everything you’ve hoped for and you wonder how to plan the perfect date. You’re worried you’ll mess things up and she won’t like you. Maybe you’ll say something wrong or suggest a bad place to meet. All these thoughts are normal, so just be yourself and you’ll do fine. The first meeting is to see if you like someone and to learn a little about them.

Is He Just Making His Way to Your Pants or Your Heart?

Did you ever wonder if the guy you’re with truly does love you or is simply sticking with you just because you’re the hottest girl, by his side, in the neighborhood? There are indeed a lot of men who are pretty lustful and are just after their girlfriends’ bodies without investing any real emotion into the relationship, and you’re afraid that you might be undervalued as a person. Of course, there are many girls out there who wish to have a boyfriend who gives them true love and nothing less, you included. But, is such a thing possible? Of course it is, but you first need to determine whether or not he truly has feelings for you instead of just going after your body.

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How To Flirt Through Text – The Right Ways To Ask Her Out With Your Phone

Want to learn how to flirt through text? It’s a very important skill, because if you do it wrong, you’ll never hear from her again. On the other hand, if you do it RIGHT, it’s your key to more and better dates in the future! Read this article to learn the right ways to ask her out with nothing more than your mobile phone.

Is She Ready To Be Kissed? How To Find The Perfect Timing For Your First Smooch

How can you tell if she’s ready to be kissed? If you kiss her too late, she’ll think you’re a prude… and if you kiss her too early, she’ll think you’re a perv! To avoid either situation, learn how to tell when she’s ready to be kissed. Here are 3 steps to do so.

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