5 Reasons Why Girls Will ALWAYS Choose THE PLAYER


WARNING! 3 Common LIES Found in 60% of ALL Online Dating Profiles (2 Are Done MOST By MEN!)

Who else is cynical when it comes to online dating sites? Are you silently and secretly SICK of being single…

Russian Love Phrases

Russian love phrases for native English speakers: Want to say “I love you” in Russian? Learn dating phrases like invitations to the park or a coffee shop. Russian cultural tips for dating given here also.

Relationship Tips: Women Men Want to Marry

Do you know how to be one of the women men want to marry? What type of woman can insure her man wants her, desires time with her, respects and loves her forever? These women have an almost indiscernible feminine grace that almost all men find simply irresistible. These women know who they are and are also able to get what is needed from a man without pressure, deception, nagging or manipulation. This article reveals some of the secrets of these women men want to marry.

Why Hasn’t He Called – Three Signs That He Is Not That Interested in a Second Date

Very often we will go out on a first date with a man and think that it was a blast. We expect to get a call for a second date but it never comes. This article outlines three signs that will let us he that a man is not that interested in a second date.

10 First Date Tips For Men

Going on a first date can be stressful, and some men really need advice before making this plunge with a woman that they are interested in. By following these first date tips for men, you are pretty much guaranteed to have a great first date with that special lady.

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