3 BRUTAL Truths Men MUST Accept in 2022


Relationship Advice – Should You Dump Your Boyfriend?

There comes a time in many intimate relationships when a woman has to make a decision as to whether or not she should commit any more of her effort and time to her current boyfriend. If she feels the relationship isn’t going in the right direction she might decide it’s no longer worth investing any more of her time in it and decide to pull out. But how does she determine when that time has come? Here are some clues…

Kissing On The First Date

Insight into kissing on the first date. There are two contrasting schools of thought regarding the issue.

Why Are You Still Single? Find Out How to Find Love Again

It has been a couple of weeks or months since anyone asked you out for a date. When you walk down the street, no one seems to notice you. At work, other ladies or men seem to be attracting attention from the opposite sex but it’s like you are invisible.

Top Tips of Keeping Yourself From Getting Catfished Online

With the popularity of the show catfish, many people are falling prey to online predictors pretending to be someone they are not. This article covers tips to keep you from getting “catfished” online.

Getting to Know the Person in Front of You

Learn how by simply listening you can get more dates than before. Never ask for a phone number or date again.

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