You’re Texting Her Wrong! Try This


Text Flirting Tips – Managing Your Expectations and Staying Unpredictable

Text flirting is a tricky yet effective method to get a girl’s attention. Once you know how to text a girl you like, though, you’ll see that it can give results that are most beneficial for you. One thing you have to understand from the beginning is that how often you text a girl can have a great impact on how she reacts to you. It is as much in the frequency of your texts as it is in the content of it. Getting it right will keep her interested in you and your unpredictable ways.

Battling Jealousy in a Relationship

Are you the kind of woman who gets jealous frequently? It could be destroying your relationship! Learn how to battle your jealous nature before things get ugly.

The Pisces Man In Love

Interested in or dating a man who is a Pisces? Learn all you need to know about how to handle these emotional creatures.

“Kissy Mania” Is Here To Stay! (For Couples And Singles Everywhere)

My Definition Of Kissing: “The uncontrollable need or desire of pressing your lips against someone else’s, hopefully being reciprocated in the feeling”. And This Just In On The News: Kissing is at an all time high! People are doing it worldwide and it looks like there is no stopping it any time soon… What is going on?…

Dating Advice for Men – The 4 Most Obvious Signs You Are in the Friendzone (or Getting There)

Almost every man has been in a situation where the girl they are hopelessly in love with just does not feel the same way, or does not notice he has feelings for her. Many times, this happens because the woman involved only sees the man as a friend. It’s easy to convince yourself that you are getting closer to her, when in fact, you are deep into the friend zone. This article provides obvious signs to look for to discover if you are in her friend zone.

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