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What Women Want in Serious Relationships

For many years, the question “What do women want?” has been asked, and the answers are different every time, if any answers come about at all. It used to be the triple play of tall, dark, and handsome. This is outdated, however. Times have changed quite a bit and what women want in a serious relationship in their man has changed as well. Every woman is different, and there is no specific set of traits that all women are looking for in their man when they seek a long-term relationship. There are certain traits that seem to be common among most women, however, and if you have these, then you will increase your personal stock and make yourself attractive to the ladies of today.

Control Your Relationship Once Again

Feeling that your relationship has taken on a life of its own and encompassed your life and sense of self is not something that is new. Many women experience this and often it happens gradually, as a result of letting your man make all the decisions. It is a lot less stressful this way but you can end up losing yourself. You know, the not knowing where “we” end and “I” begin.

What to Do When You Have a Burnout From Dating?

There is much talking about burnout from work. But burnout also happens when you feel exhausted from endless dating – yet you keep dating nonetheless. This is counter-productive, since you don’t project happiness to your date, but fatigue; not empowerment, but desperation; not patience, but impatience; not self-respect, but neediness. It is no wonder that when you have burnout from dating you won’t succeed in finding a partner. What to do? Take time off to revitalize and to understand what made you fail until now.

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