Why You Shouldn’t Text the Girl You Like All the Time


Would You Rather Attract And Seduce Her With “Game,” Or The Real You?

Most guys think they need use some kind of “trick” to get a girl’s number. As if she’s going to give it out, become attracted to you, simply because you used some kind of “game.”

How To Ask Out A Friend On A Date And Rarely Get Rejected

Many guys have a friend whom they’d like to be more than friends with. But how do you ask her out? Well, you’ll know the answer to that after your read this article.

The Sneaky “Other Girl” Opener That Will Blow Her Away

Talking to girls can be tough. Approaching, creating interest, getting the number is never as easy as we’d like. However, there are some tricks to sneak your way in there. This is one of those tricks.

The Tarot Card Reading Opener

Using any kind of psychic phenomenon is a great way to open a cute girl. In this article, you’ll learn how to use Tarot cards to get a conversation going.

How To Remove Rejection From Your Vocabulary And Never Be Afraid Again

Approach anxiety is one of the worst fears for most guys. The idea of walking over there only to get rejected has kept plenty of guys glued to their seat. In this article, you’ll learn how to overcome that.

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