Why You Shouldn’t Text Her 24/7


Men, How To Be A Little More Alpha

When it comes to approaching a woman or when it comes to dating in general, the alpha male has it pretty easy. The alpha male can easily walk up to the woman he chooses and he’ll most likely know exactly what to say. If she rebuffs him, which isn’t likely, he’ll brush it off and hit up the next one he sees. He’s the alpha. He commands a room, he always gets the girl, the job and the raise. He’s the man you want to be. The alpha isn’t a jerk and he’s not rude or obnoxious. He merely takes hold of his life and steers the ship where he desires it to go. If you want to become more alpha in your own life, listen up. These ten tips will have you feeling more alpha than you’ve ever felt in your life. Take a deep breath. You are finally about to take control of your life once and for all.

How To Get A Girl – How Do I Find A Girl?

How do I find a girl? That is probably the most common question ever asked by any man who wants to get a girlfriend. No one wants to be alone and the hardest part always seems to be finding someone. Where to go, what to do, what to say, there is a lot to getting a girl. You need to know it all too if you want to find a girl.

How to Get Women – Don’t Fail Their Tests

From the moment women see you, you are being tested. They do it without even realizing they are testing you. There are a couple tests that every woman will throw at you and you need to make sure you pass them.

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Do Not Get Cheated – How You Can Spot A Dating Fraudster

It’s depressing but true; there are men and women who use the Internet in order to con people. Though many men and women on internet dating sites are trustworthy and real you need to be very careful that you’re not a victim. A scammer is generally an individual who can get in touch with you with a purpose to receive funds. These individuals use bogus information and facts and attempt to misinform you.

How Do I Find A Girl – The 4 Types Of Body Language

There are many types of body language but, we are going to talk about the 4 that are important in getting a girl. They are eye cues, sitting, walking and talking.

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