Why You Should Quit Dating in 2022


How To Push Her Hot Buttons

Talking about your feelings too early will push her away. Avoid that temptation, and you’ll be much more attractive.

Are You Wasting Your Time Waiting?

If you wait for that cute girl over there to come and talk to you, you’ll be waiting a long, long time. Especially when you realize that she’s waiting for you.

Things to Remember When Dating Asian Women

Dating is a good experience like none other especially when you are in love. Seeing two people in love is the best experience and it is very admirable but the only problem is that finding that special one. There are many people out there who are potential soul mates but not all can fit. Everyone has their own preferences and they have to match up.

The BEST Frame For Getting Gorgeous Girls

It’s hard to resist a guy with a powerfully strong frame. This is what that means.

The Essential Skill Of Social Confidence

You can’t get very far without real confidence. Here’s how to get some.

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