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Why Are Over Sixty Dating Sites So Popular?

With the number over sixty singles rapidly on the rise, it is no wonder that there has been a dramatic increase in dating websites for the mature market. But why are dating over 60 sites so popular as opposed to the traditional methods of courting? As we get older it becomes harder to meet new people as we already have a firm network of friends, colleagues and family.

Over Sixty Dating Profile Tips

On-line dating has become the most popular way for singles to meet each other in today’s hectic world, and it’s no different for the over sixties out there. One of the main problems with making on-line dating a success for any age however is making the best first impression possible; with your personal profile. Getting your personal profile right the first time round is essential in attracting the right kind of person and preventing you from experiencing a heap of disappointing dates.

Soul Food: A Guide to Feeding Your Spiritual Self

It’s curious how people expect to create a great relationship with another person when they don’t have a great relationship with their Spiritual Self. Feeding the soul is where the journey to creating a dream relationship starts. It is about the here and now, not a fairy tale of the future. Connecting to mindfulness is an important step in living in the here and now; it starts you on a trek of moving away from pain and toward peace and tranquility.

Dating a Partner Which Is NOT for You – How to Find and Develop a Successful Intimate Relationship
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If you find yourself time and again with a partner who seems to “run away from you”, but nonetheless you hang-on to this “partner”, albeit the pain it causes you, you are not alone. Many behave similarly. Still, it is YOUR life. Therefore, when you get up the courage to understand what drives you to behave the way you do and you work on whatever issues you walk around with, you become able to find and develop a healthy and satisfying intimacy.

Woman to Woman: Where We Have No Business Forcing Love

Forcing issues is when a woman unwittingly convinces herself that patience, love and understanding will make a hard man love. What starts off as a virtuous mission quickly becomes a life-affirming duty. Woman to woman, I want to speak on how this won’t work.

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