Why You Keep Getting Put in the Friend Zone


Date Safe!

How many times have you heard your friend whine about that stupid jerk that didn’t know how to pay compliments? Or how about that blind date that nearly led to a heart-attack (because of those hairy arms that made you… well)!

Getting Your Self Esteem In Order Online

A lot of times it is underestimated just how important that self-esteem that you bring to the table online is. Many people assume that self-esteem can be faked or simulated behind the safety net that only a computer monitor can bring. After all, this allows men to never have to look women in the eyes when they are about to write their very first email and hit on them.

10 Reasons He Won’t Commit

You first have to understand the mindset of MOST men. Especially younger men. A lot of men when single feel they can free roam the world and seek out a partner. When they find a partner that they are completely crazy for, they will love to settle down with them.

Genuine Reasons Why Guys Draw Back – Part One

Regardless if you’re in a romance right now with the guy you think is “the one” and you just want to take things a step farther, nevertheless, you sense him pulling away from you instead of asking to put a ring on your finger, or perhaps you are still searching for the right guy. However, in your past experience the guy has pulled back and then he’s long gone. You need to know a number of reasons as to why guys pull away.

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Where NOT to Go for a First Date

It’s certainly irrefutable that loads of guys put a whole lot of effort into making certain that a first date doesn’t end up being disastrous, particularly if it is with a really striking lady that he likes a lot. The stress can develop while trying to make a very good impression on her and ultimately enjoy spending time with one another. In spite of this, for all your painstaking planning, the one thing you do not wish to make a blunder on is picking an inappropriate venue in which you’ll both have your date. While many of your pals often tell you which locations come highly recommended as venues for a first date, they do not really mention which locations you need to avoid at all costs. Below is a list of the top spots that may lead to a disastrous first date.

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