Why You Can’t Get Matches on Tinder


Man of Your Dreams

The Man of My Dreams is waiting for me, are you looking for the Man of Your Dreams. I can help.

Are You SETTLING For Less In A Romantic Relationship?

Are you expecting too much out of your romantic relationship or have you settled for less than you deserve? If you chose to be in a relationship based on lies about yourself, then the latter could be true.

How To Seduce Women

Men who seduce women are not setting a trap, they are presenting an opportunity. Either way, the man is the bait and the result is the same in the end. You can by a book or study a website that teaches you how to seduce women, but in the end, it is all up to you.

Best Dating Advice for Christian Women

Encouragement for Christian single woman who want to keep Biblical standards in their dating practices. Tips for dating as a Christian woman.

How Do You Keep a Guy Interested In You?

Ever heard of the term “Relationship Plateau”? It’s where the initial thrill and excitement have worn off. Your heart doesn’t jump anymore when you see your phone ringing and it’s his name flashing on the screen. You don’t really mind if you spend your anniversary at home with him playing his favorite video game while you are in front of the computer chatting with your Facebook friends. Most (if not all) couples go through this stage, it’s inevitable. You are stuck in a routine and you can’t help but miss the feelings you’ve had for each other when you first started going out. So… how do you keep a guy interested in you?

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