Why Society is Ruining Your Life


How to Find Happiness Again After a Failed Relationship

  There is no reason to stay disillusioned and discouraged after a failed relationship, regardless of whether it was a long-term or short-term relationship. If you feel discouraged and disillusioned, don’t! The world is a big place and there is someone for you on this planet who will come into your life and you both will have the type loving relationship you really want.

Effective Tips on Meeting Women Online

Are you tired of waiting for that special someone to pass by? Have you tried all your socializing skills at parties and eventually found out that they all failed? My friend, if you still want to know how to meet women online, there is still one place to find your soul-mate – the internet.

Investigative Dating: Are They Really Qualified to Date You?

This is an article outlining steps one should take before they begin to date a person exclusively. Readers can look at dating through a different lens.

Top 10 Dating Tips for Independent Women

Successful, independent, beautiful, sassy, chic, powerful and tenacious are all badges of honour that women wear to describe the modern women’s freedom to be all she can be. Unfortunately, those same esteemed titles lead to another title for women: SINGLE!

Help Me With My First Date

What to do and where to go for a first date. Not quite sure what will make him/her call you back for a second date. Here are a couple of ideas to get your phone blowing up.

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