Why Semen Retention Won’t help You Accomplish Your Goals


Top 5 Ways to Meet a New Partner and Attract Love

There are many ways to meet a new partner or soul mate. One of them is by interacting with single people in bars or other social gathering places. You can choose classy bars where you are bound to meet people with interests and passions similar to yours.

How to Meet Women

How to meet women is very important when it comes to dating. It enables you to meet with women anywhere, communicate and create an instant connection even for the first time. There are many theories and gimmicks that have been put forward on how you can trigger attraction instantly.

Bring Back the Lost Love in Your Relationship

Nothing beats the sweetness and happiness that comes within the first couple of months in a relationship because the attraction and excitement of it are still fresh. However, once you get more comfortable with your boyfriend, your unrealized expectations might come to the surface and you might start fantasizing about an even better relationship. However, it is possible to bring back the lost love from those first few months. You just need to be dedicated to doing so.

How to Guarantee You’ll Get a Second Date

You got that elusive first date with a guy you find really interesting and really attractive. How do you make sure that there will be a second date (and maybe a third)? Is there a way to guarantee that he’ll ask you out again?

Divorced Men: Datable or Dangerous?

Dating is hard enough without dealing with your new man’s ex. Is he ready for a new relationship? More importantly, are you?

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