Why Personality Matters More than Appearance


What Makes a Face Pretty?

There are many things that collectively determine the overall attractiveness of a human face. The first of these elements is facial symmetry. Facial symmetry means that the right side of the face should be almost identical to the left side of the face.

Converse Like a Pick Up Master

Try to get to know the person in front of you, genuinely. Sounds simple? If she feels like you are actually interested in her, she’ll become MUCH more interested in YOU. People, I’ve got a few great tips for you. Check this out.

Dealing With a Bad Date

Have you ever experienced the drama that goes along with dating? If you are like most people you have a dating horror story to tell. Or maybe hundreds of them.

Get Him To Fancy Me: How to Be The Girl Of His Dreams

Have you ever wondered why some women have this certain appeal to men? It seems that they have every man on the planet wrapped around their finger! You scan her from head to toe and there’s nothing so special about her. Sure, you don’t find her special but there is something that men see in her. We all want to be that kind of woman and find a man who will love and adore us for as long as forever, but do we really know how? Most of us don’t have any idea! If you’ve finally met the man of your dreams and you want him to be in your life, you have to be that kind of woman he needs. How do I get him to fancy me?

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Is She Two-Timing You?

There is nothing more dreadful than having to constantly worry on whether or not your girlfriend is essentially quite loyal to you. You have not spent a whole lot of time together as of late, and you’re starting to consider that she might actually be hooking up with some other guy at the same time as still being in a relationship with you. You start to consider all the probabilities and play certain situations in your mind. You want to assure yourself that these are all just workings of your head, but you’re also attempting to determine if there are any signs that may exhibit some betrayal from the girl you call the love of your life. Below are some signs that denote that she’s nothing more but a cheating girlfriend to you.

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