Why Most Men are Amateurs in their Dating Lives


How to Get a Guy to Like Me – 8 Tips on How to Get a Second Date

How do I get a guy to like me and ask me on a second date? There are a lot of dating questions out there and this is one of them. Women often wonder what they should do in order to get a guy to like them enough to have a second with them. If you’re really into this guy then here are some tips to score a second date with him.

Does This Guy Like You? 9 Body Language Hints to Tell You If He’s Also Interested

If you’re wondering does this guy like you, one way to find out is to pay close attention to his body language. He’s not going to say that he likes you out loud, especially if he just met you. If you’re not very good when it came to body language, fear not. Here are a few tips that will help you figure out just what he’s trying to say.

Alpha Male Body Language That Can Help You Romantically Hypnotize Women

For you to romantically hypnotize a woman you may need to create romantic attraction between you and the woman. Many women believe that a man should take the initiative when it comes to building intimacy in a relationship. This article will discuss how you can romantically hypnotize women by creating romantic attraction instantly in any woman you want to seduce for a date.

Hot Alpha Male Traits to Help You Flirt With Beautiful Girls

Guys are successfully using alpha male traits to flirt with beautiful girls. Before any man would be able to attract women he needs to effectively get their attention by flirting with them and then women will find him desirable and willingly agree to date him. This article will discuss some alpha male traits to help an average man flirt with beautiful girls.

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Starting a New Relationship – How to Determine If He’s Relationship Material

When starting a new relationship we all tend to look for some of the same qualities in a guy. Is he caring? Does he have a sense of humor? Will he be faithful? All these are important but we must go a little deeper, be honest with ourselves and be specific about what determines if he is truly relationship material. Below are some of the essential things that you should be on the lookout for to decide if he is really relationship material.

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