Why Just Being High Status Isn’t Enough


The Power Balance: Holding Your Own

Almost every woman has that one friend that never seems to have a say in her relationship. Whatever he wants to do is what is done, and whatever he says, goes. You say you don’t have a friend like that? Could it be then that you are the one who is always in relationships like this? Well, this is not right and good relationships do not work this way. I’m going to tell you how to get your own share of the relationship power right now. Read on.

Am I Going to Be His Girl?

You’ve talked to and even dated guys before. You liked them and you figured it was going to get serious, that he was going to make you his girlfriend. However, what actually happened was the opposite. You were just someone to talk to and hang out with; just a friend, in other words. You thought he gave you the signs that you were going to be his lady, but were mistaken. So how can you tell for sure if he’s going to make you his girlfriend? Read on for definite ways to tell you’re not just going to be a fling.

The Wingman – How to Use Him Effectively to Get the Girl You Want

You might be thinking to yourself right now: “I can get any girl I want. What the hell do I need a wingman for?” Well, obviously you don’t understand some of the strategies women employ to avoid being picked up and the usefulness of the wingman. Of course, you need your wingman to be someone you trust very well, like your best friend. Your wingman, if he does his job properly, will make it so much easier for you to be able to pick up women where you’re at. Keep reading to learn how to make the best of having a wingman.

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Silent Seduction: Picking Up Women and Barely Saying Anything!

You’ve been out at the bar and seen some guy get shot down repeatedly because he started in with cheesy pick-up lines, right? Have you ever been that guy? You want to take a woman home with you and you try all your lines, only to find she’s heard them all and is just not impressed with you? Well, stop using the pick-up lines then! Ah, but how else can you get this woman? Would you believe me if I told you that you could better attract the woman in the bar while barely saying anything? No? Well, read on and I’ll prove that you can do just that.

The Holidays Are the Perfect Time to STOP Dating and Understand Why You Fail in Your Relationships

Dating is no laughing matter. But then, why do you go on endless dates as if it is a competition you must win? As if you’ll be alone and lonely if you’ll stop running? At times taking the opposite approach brings you faster to your goal. Maybe if you’ll stop running from one date to another, and rather take the time to understand what you’ve done wrong which failed you and what you need to change in order to succeed, you WILL become able to develop the relationship you wish for.

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