Why High Status Guys Still Need Dating Advice


Where You Can Find The Best Place To Meet Women

Contemplating the best place to meet women is hard for many men because it can be difficult to know where women like to go. The most popular places that men usually think to meet women are bars, malls, coffee shops, nightclubs, or parties. Though those are some good places to go to socialize or be near lots of people.

Should I Stay Friends With My Ex?

According to a recent poll, 48% of people surveyed said they remained friends with their ex partner. And 18% of those surveyed said that they tried, but it didn’t work. Can you really be friends with an old flame? Find out now…

Finding a Man Who Is Financially Secure

Are you looking to find a guy who can take care of you financially? Do you want a relationship with a man who is rich? Read this article for a few tips on where to find these guys!

How My Asian Dating Journey Began

This article strives to help men avoid the pitfalls of online Asian dating. Although there are risks to meeting Philippine women via the internet, the rewards far out weigh them.

Learn to Attract Hot Women: The Flower Myth

There have been a plethora of myths created regarding the use of flowers when courting or seducing a woman. Some believe flowers to be a sign of weakness that causes the male to end up as a “Best Friend Forever”. Other’s have said the romantic gesture is essential in separating oneself from the pack when courting or attracting a beautiful women. The simple truth is found in neither extremes. There is a precise art as to when to introduce the more orthodox gestures of affection. Used properly, attracting a woman using the gift of flowers can give you an advantage through the law of contrast and public opinion that will make seduction a whole lot easier.

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