Why Going To Clubs To Pick Up Women Is Stupid


Power In Your Relationship – How To Get The Upper Hand With Your Boyfriend And Still Be Happy

Do you feel that your boyfriend has the upper hand and holds the power in your relationship? Are you feeling that he takes you for granted and doesn’t appreciate what you do? Here’s how to regain power (and respect) in your relationship and be happy at the same time.

How To Tell If He Wants You for A Girlfriend – 4 Ways To Find Out If He’s Serious About You Or Not

Have you been dating a guy who you think might have boyfriend potential, but don’t want to come right out and ask him if he wants you for a girlfriend? Do you want to avoid the embarrassment and disappointment if he’s not interested? Here are 4 questions that will tell you if he’s going to commit… or if he’s just playing with you.

How to Get Him to Propose and Marry You Fast

How do you get him to propose and marry you? The following advice may ease the pain you feel and get him out of his comfort zone.

Dating Tips For Guys – Tips On How Guys Can Carry Out A Successful Date

Guys usually do the asking during a date. It is important for a guy to know the necessary things he needs to remember to carry out a date successfully.

Men’s First Date: How Not To Make A Fool Out Of Yourself

First dates for men can be very difficult for some. There is a need to know the proper way of taking a girl out on a first date.

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