Why Girls Like Bad Boys and Hate Nice Guys


Text Flirting Tips – What and How Often Should You Text a Girl?

Some of the most vital text flirting tips out there is to know what and how often to text a girl. So, if you want to know what and how often to do so, then read on.

Text Message Flirting – How to Seduce a Girl With Ease

There will be many times where you find yourself getting a girl’s phone number and hoping to get her to fall in love with you through text message flirting. However, text message flirting requires the right expertise; otherwise, you might have trouble succeeding in winning a girl’s heart with this particular technology. If you need some help, here are several things you need to remember:

Flirting Over Text – 2 Massive Mistakes You Need to Avoid

There are two massive mistakes that you need to avoid while flirting over text, as follows: Over-Texting – Although this might seem obvious, over-texting while flirting over text can be very subtle, so you have to be very careful when it comes down to it. Sending a text message right after meeting a woman, for example, would not be a good move. Even if she was all over you when you met her, it would still be best to show some restraint and wait for a couple of days before contacting her.

Text Flirting Lines That Can Help You Seduce a Girl

There are various rules that you will need to follow when trying to come up with text flirting lines, as follows: Text Number One – The text flirting lines that you use in text number one always have to relate to the very first time that you met her somehow. Although your actual meeting may have made up your first impression, your first text will act as a similar impression on her – remember that. As such, you have to try and relate your message to something interesting or funny that you might have talked about during that time…

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The Dangers of Objectification of Females – And Males

Father absence makes it easy for men to objectify women and for women to objectify men. This leads to further father absence as neither party values the other person or both of their role in the lives of the children they produce.

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