Why Even Rich Men Suck at Dating


How Obsession Ruins Relationships

Is your guy on your mind 24/7? Are you worried you’re becoming obsessed with him? Read this article to find out how to curb the obsession and keep your relationships going.

Talking to Guys On the Phone

Knowing how to chat with a man on the phone can make or break a relationship. Do you know how to talk to guys?

Will She Still Be Beautiful in a Few Years?

It’s a fact of life that a woman peaks in her early twenties. You may know that already, but it’s something you should keep in mind.

3 Wonderful Ideas to Give Your Woman a Memorable Valentines Day

Valentine is just around the corner and of course you want to give your woman a memorable valentines day. The traditional flowers and chocolates will always make women smile but if you want her to smile every time she thinks about this year’s valentine day, you need to put in some real effort to make her feel really special on day of the hearts.

What Amazon Can Teach You About Dating Women

We all know Amazon as the website where people go to buy and sell their stuff, but despite its general purpose, Amazon can also be quite helpful when it comes to improving one’s relationships. Consider for a moment the emails that Amazon regularly sends to its clients. These emails can really be quite useful, and I personally enjoy getting stuff from the mail, particularly if they come from useful sites, like Amazon.

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