Why Dating is Easier Than Ever


How To Get A Woman Into Bed

If you have ever wanted to crack the code concerning how to get a woman into bed, then there a few things you should remember to do. Those things are to approach and proposition a lot of women, make her see you as a potential lover and seduce her with your words.

How To Really Overcome Shyness Around Women

Shyness cripples the success of millions of men hoping to meet women. If you really want to break free from shyness there are 3 things you need to focus on.

15 Pick-Up Lines That Are So Out of Date

There are many guys who have tried their luck with women of different sorts, and a lot of them have actually experienced failure in that area. You may have been someone who has tried to woo a woman you found gorgeous at the club, at the grocery or even back in your college days.

Her Dating Nightmare That Took One Year to Get Over

When you’re looking at someone’s profile, you wonder if they’re telling the truth or making everything up. Most singles are truthful when putting their profile together, but unfortunately there are some weirdoes. A background check and screening helps but it is still hard trying to weed out the weird ones. My friend called me and told me about her dating nightmare. She saw his profile and pictures and she thought he was her perfect match. She decided to go on a date with this guy and was looking forward to meeting him. From his picture he was a good looking macho man with gorgeous blond hair and blue eyes.

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3 Ways to Get Your Ex Back

Breaking up is definitely something that lots of gents do not want to deal with. As manly as they may be, they can be rather emotional blokes too, even if they do not want to admit to it. Emotional aching just doesn’t go very well with a lot of chaps these days, and they would try to do all that is possible to make it as uncomplicated for themselves as possible.

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