Why Being Rich Won’t Get You Laid


How To Build Confidence

It seems that some people are born with confidence, while others struggle with even the quickest interactions with strangers. Some people had confidence at one point in their lives and then lost it, but there is no reason to let low self-confidence get you down, as there are plenty of ways to rebuild your confidence. Work On Your Appearance – Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be in the shape of a bodybuilder or have the face of a movie star in order to get pretty women.

Calling Men – Is It Better to Call or Not Call Him After Your First Date?

Have you ever been in the situation where you have given your number to a handsome man and you’re waiting for him to ask you out? Just staring at the phone for hours hoping it will ring! Does it make you feel insecure because he didn’t call you straight after your first date? Well you’re not alone!

Judging a Man’s Character Before the Engagement

When it comes to relationships, one of the most important things, a woman should consider is a man’s character. Yes, looks and attraction are good but what he is on the inside is more important than the outside package. I’m not talking about his “character front”, but his true character; what he does when he thinks no one is looking.

5 First Date Tips for Men That You Need to Know

The boring, old first date tips for men that have been the norm for the past 50 years just don’t cut it in the 21st century. Going out to dinner and catching a movie may have worked back in your parents’ day, but in the murky jungle that is the modern dating scene, these classic dates aren’t going to fly. Today, a successful first date means dropping the interview style conversation and awkward at the door kiss for a more exciting approach.

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Ladies: Learn How To Find A Date

For single ladies the process of going from single to dating can seem like a daunting task. Often times it is difficult to know exactly how to begin dating. The most important thing you can do is get out there and look for your Mr. Right.

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