Why Being a Player Doesn’t Work


6 Top Tips on How to Attract Younger Women

If you want to know the greatest secrets for attracting younger women, just ask Hugh Heffner, he knows them all. Seriously, though, there are some very easy ways for you to make yourself attractive to a younger woman. In fact, younger women are quite attracted to older men.

Why Men Move On So Quickly After a Breakup – Everything a Woman Needs to Know

A lot of women wonder why men move on so quickly after a breakup. It is true, though. While women mourn for weeks, or even months, after a breakup, men seem to party the days away without any signs of emotional pain. This is a very interesting subject to look into, really.

Understanding the Male Mind and Keeping Your Relationship Going for As Long As Possible

Is understanding the male mind becoming too much trouble for you? Do you finally want to understand what your boyfriend is actually thinking on a daily basis? Do you want to bring some excitement back into your relationship, in general? Well, you aren’t alone. Most women feel the same way. What you might not know is that understanding the male mind is actually quite easy. You simply need to put yourself in your boyfriend’s shoes every now and then.

How to Get a Hot Girlfriend – 6 Top Secrets

Most men want a hot girlfriend but are intimidated by all the hot girls out there. Why? Well, because they are hot.

7 Top Ways to Seduce Women

Seduction is a sexy word. So many people love it. They love to say it, they love to hear it, they love to do it and they love to have it done to them.

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