This Personality Trait is Ruining Your Relationships


How To Date Your Friend’s Ex

There is always a basis for starting a great relationship and there are certain factors which can benefit or destroy a relationship such as family, finances, religion as well as friendship. There is no specific rule that exists and declares that your friend’s ex should never be your date however there are factors and decision which should be made before attending to such event.

First Date Tips For Women: 4 Questions You Should Never Ask!

When it comes to keeping the conversation going on a first date, there are questions you can ask, as well as questions you cannot ask (if you want to go on a second date with him). Find out what these questions are!

Make Him Fall For You – Making That Special Connection In 3 Steps

Have you ever wondered how to get that man you’ve been dating to fall in love with you? Have you ever wondered how to connect with a man and communicate with him in such a way that the deepest possible connection is made? You already know how to get him to look at you, now you have to get him to open up further and make those unbreakable bonds. Quit wondering and read on to learn the 3 secrets of making him fall in love with you.

Is He Playing You? Read This to Know If He’s For Real

Don’t feel bad if you worry if your seemingly dream man is a real man or a player. You’re not alone here. Every woman wants to know what her man is really thinking and doing and if his motives are true or he’s making a fiddle out of your heart. Trust is so hard to come by these days, so a bit of worry is natural. I have three ways for you to be able to tell the difference as to whether he’s a player or the real thing. Keep reading to find out.

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Touching Her the Right Way

Before I get started here, I just want to let you know up front that this isn’t about touching her sexually. Now that I’ve made that clear, this is about touching a woman during the dating process. These days, with all the perverts out there, a lot of guys freeze up when it comes to making a move and wait for the woman to move first. This way it’s known for sure that she wants the same thing as you. However, it is for you to make the first move, though you have to watch when and how you do it. Keep reading to find out how.

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