The Secret to Having MORE ENERGY Throughout the Day


Do Men Really Like Strong, Smart, Successful Women?

Why does it sometimes seem that smart, successful women have a hard time finding the right man? Are their standards too high? Are men put off by their success? Find out why you might be giving out the wrong vibes for attracting the men you want.

Dating Advice for Men – Get the Woman You Want

Who wouldn’t want to date a gorgeous woman? But the real question is how will you be able to do so?

Practice Dates Are Useless Unless You Are Polarizing!

I wanted to share with you a little epiphany I had that came as result of one of my clients’ upcoming dates. Just a few weeks ago, my client Joan met a guy at a group and decided to go hang with him afterward.

Your Guide on How to Attract Women Fast

Do you want to attract the woman of your dreams fast? Develop your skills in attracting the woman of your dreams with this guide on how to attract women quickly.

Why Playing Hard to Get Is Not Always the Best Idea

Middle school was the time for playing games. But we’re no longer teenagers, let’s leave the games in the past. Men can see right through them.


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