The Reality Behind a Breakup


Christian Dating: Six Reasons Christians End Up in Bad Marriages

Are you looking for Christian dating help that will enable you to understand the reasons Christians end up in bad marriages? Here are the six most common reasons…

The Number One Thing To Avoid When Talking To Women

When men talk to women, they often have no clue as to how many mistakes they make during the conversation. Because of this they often screw up their chances with the girl they are talking with, by saying or doing stupid things that make her lose interest.

Why Can’t I Get A Girlfriend?

It’s a common question that many guys ask. They wonder why they cannot get even a single girl while there are many other guys who can have many girls. Well… Look. I am not a dating guru or claiming to be one, however what I am going to share with you is uncommon information which is based on scientific research and psychology of women and that may be never told by any dating gurus.

How To Choose A Desirable Man In 30 Days Or Less (Part 1)

Choosing a life partner has become very challenging. In this article, you are provided with answers to questions in your mind.

Some Important Things to Do In Long Distance Relationships

Internet has made whole world a small village eliminating all the boundaries for lovers. Lot of young couples are engaged in online dating and long distance relationships these days. However, there are some important things to do in long distance relationships and online dating. Let us discuss some of these here.

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