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Funny Texts to Send a Girl That You Just Met

Just like your clothes and looks, the first text that you send a girl that you just met also works as your first impression. Because of this, it would be vital for you to learn a few funny texts to send a girl, so that you can get your game right from the beginning. Here are some ideas for funny texts to send a girl to help you out:

Do Women Really Want Nice Guys?

If you would ask a thousand women what kind of guy they are looking for, most of them would tell you – a nice guy who will treat them right. But is this really the truth? What exactly does it mean when a woman says “I just want a nice guy”?

Flirting Text – The 3 Commandments to Follow When Texting a Girl

So, you bagged a girl’s number – good job! The next phase is to find out what kind of flirting text to text her. Now, you need to know that there is an art to this, so you cannot just rush things. Regardless of where or how you got her phone number, your main goal would be to convince her that you belong in her life. In other words, remind her why she gave you her phone number to begin with. Here’s what you can do to do so:

Text Flirting Examples – What to Send in Your Very First Text to a Girl

Back in the day, guys used to worry about getting enough courage to pick up the phone and call a girl after getting her number; nowadays, however, most guys want to learn how to text girls properly instead. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t have any text flirting examples to base your texts on yet.

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How to Understand Scorpio Personalities

Many people already know Scorpio is a Water Sign and is the eighth sign of the astrological zodiac. But, did you know that Scorpio are also passionate, intensely self-sufficient and paradoxical? To understand a Scorpio better, it’s best to take a closer look at the traits that their zodiac sign all share.

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