The Problem with Semen Retention


What Do Men Want In A Relationship?

No relationship may last longer without knowing desires of one other. Although desires differ from person to person, you should very well know “what do men want in a relationship” if you want your relationship a success and want to remain happy forever with your relationship.

Get Another Man’s Woman – And Make Her Do the Work!

It sucks being attracted to a woman you can’t have, but it doesn’t have to. You might feel guilty for wanting another man’s woman, but don’t. It’s perfectly natural for men to be attracted to women, whether or not they have a boyfriend. It may not be morally right to pursue an attached woman, but that’s up to you personally. Keep reading if you want to learn how to get a woman with a boyfriend. If doing this bothers you, then stop reading now.

Ladies, Dating Got You Frustrated? How To Get Back On Track

Relationships can be frustrating. If you’re getting back into the dating arena, it can seem like everything has changed. Here’s how to get your dating life back on track ladies, and finally find the guy you want and deserve.

Caress His Ears: Tell Your Man What He Really Wants to Hear

You may have your own ideas about what your man really wants to hear from you, and in part you may be right. However, the things he really, really wants to hear are not all sexual, if that was what you were thinking. The things that will ring the sweetest in his ears are about love, and there are three in particular that will make his heart flutter when he hears them. Keep reading and I’ll tell you what they are.

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Through His Eyes: How He Sees the Relationship

Men can be so frustrating at times. They say they want one thing, and then reject it when presented with it. For example, you’ve certainly heard men say that they want a strong woman. You show him you’re a strong woman, and he doesn’t accept you as you thought he would. What is up with this? Well, to understand these contradictions, you’ll have to take a look at the relationship from your man’s point of view. It’s easy to do, and I’ll explain just how to do it. Keep reading and learn something.

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