The High Value Code | 3 More Rules Men Should NEVER Break


Things to Avoid on a Date

This article talks about the things that every man should avoid while on a date with their beloved. Make sure you don’t repeat them, if you’ve already committed some out of these. Work on these and have a happy time with your partner.

Tips Of Dating An Older Woman

There are so many reasons as to why younger men prefer dating older women. Some of these reasons include the fact that older women and more adventurous, more experienced, financially stable and know how to treat their men. With dating sites now available, it is much easier for younger men who prefer older women to make connections. However, there are some things you must keep in mind and do if at all you want to date that older woman successfully.

Love, Lust or Lost

Some of us may have wondered if we were with the right one or if your partner was just there for sexual reasons. Others may have seen a sign or two to show them that the relationship is probably a lost cause. Well in case you still are not sure, here are a few pointers.

7 Nonverbal Signs During First Dates

These nonverbal actions can be a sign for a future date with him or not. Bare in mind that these actions apply in different situations. Knowing these signs can help you change your strategy so that he does not get bored and be interested in you.

Dating When You’re 50: “Men My Age Are Bitter, Younger Men Are More Fun”
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Unfortunately, the pool of men who are emotionally available and who are active sex lovers are hard to find. Most men who are available at their 50’s are divorced and pretty messed up. On the flip side, young men are looking for no long term commitment and they are fun to date.

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