The Biggest Red Flags for Women


The Top Two Reasons It Is Better to Text, Not Call, a Girl You Just Met

When you get the phone number of a new girl or woman, your initial interactions with her will set the tone of the relationship and determine whether you ever see her again. Today, everyone has a mobile phone, and it can be your best friend or worst enemy. This article explains why it is better to text, not call, a girl you just met.

5 Thoughts Women Wish Men Knew

Women wish men knew some things about them. Sometimes as guys we can lack understanding about what a woman needs from us, or what she DOESN’T need from us.

How to Ask a Lady Out for the First Time

It’s one thing to date a lady online. It’s yet another different thing to meet with her face-to-face in the real setting.

How to End a Bad Date As a Lady

Having a bad date is very possible especially when you’re not prepared for it. As a lady, you’re likely to be getting lots of dating invitations from men.

Men’s Common Dating Mistakes

Dating is indeed an art to be mastered. There are no real rules for that. You can only have good suggestions and advices. All over the world, men go into dating at certain points in their lives. Single men in particular are always looking for ladies to date.

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