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Cure Oneitis

Oneitis is a term that means you are overly infatuated with a single woman. Learn how to identify the signs of oneitis and how to overcome it.

Relationship Dating Advice: The Top Seven Signs That Your Date Is a Match

How does a person maneuver through a date and look for signs that your date is a match for you? Read about the top seven signs and apply the relationship dating advice in this article so that you can make a solid decision whether or not to continue dating that new person in your life.

What Is It Women Want in a Man

Over the years, men have been debating what it is women want from men. Since men and women are so vastly different, it stands to reason men are mostly in the dark when it comes to women. We have put together an insider tips list for you, to help stop you from guessing of what it is women want in a man.

How to Find Your Ideal Boyfriend

Any time of the year can be lonely for a single gal when she desperately longs to be in a committed relationship with a man. Knowing a few easy tips before you meet Mr. Wonderful can make the difference between “Nice meeting you” and “Will you marry me?”

Online Dating Advice for Men – 8 Top Tips

Online dating can be an effective way to meet the woman you are meant to be with; your soul mate. On a smaller scale it can be a way for you to simply find someone you can spend your time with, a companion, a friend. Whatever your reasons for joining an online dating site, there are some useful tips available to make your time spent more useful and safe.

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