STOP Making Excuses (JUMP at Opportunities)


3 Traits That Can Help You Win Over Your Dream Girl

Contrary to popular belief, girls are attracted to more than just looks, fame and money. In fact, there is a list of different traits that girls find important in a guy, 3 of which every single girl out there will agree on.

Approaching Women: What Do I Say To Her?

Summary: • Start a conversation by asking for directions or an opinion. Continue the conversation by justifying your question or asking something related. • Listen very carefully to her because she might give you a topic of conversation in her answers if you can pick it up. • To take the conversation into a more personal level make her a compliment or guess something about her. You can also ask her a more personal question and afterwards share something personal too. This is the most common way random people talk to each other. Use these tips and meet the girls you like without looking like a weirdo getting rejected or feeling anxiety.

Benefits of Online Dating Websites

We live in an era where we cannot imagine life without the Internet. As a matter of fact we can even discuss it is a certain form of addiction. Let’s not stay blind to the fact that today’s children will not be able to function without this commodity in the future. Is Cyber Dating also part of their future?

Can Online Dating Lead to Real Love?

Are you alone? Are you bored? Don’t you feel compelled to stop reading this and go find some ‘real’ company, do some ‘real’ stuff and live life in ‘reality’? I would, but I would say that you are doing that reading this since you have to confess that in the past twenty or so years we are given yet another reality, another alternative for communicating between ourselves, Cyber Life.

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If Forever Single and 50+ – Are You a Woman Who Emasculates Men?

Consider what makes a fulfilling and positive relationship. What do most people, male or female, look for in a relationship? Of course, there are many answers to this, and what makes one person happy in a relationship may not make another person feel the same. However, at the heart of any strong relationship is the concept of mutual love, support and respect, and the idea of your partner wanting the best for you, and helping you to be the best that you can be.

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