Stop Chasing Women


The Interracial Dating Site Reinvented

Interracial dating sites are plentiful in the market but finding one that is high caliber can be challenging. This article discusses the typical problems and points out how they can be fixed to reinvent the interracial dating site.

Chivalry Tips for Women

When we talk about chivalry, we tend to talk about the ways men are “supposed” to act toward women. We think about men holding open the doors for women, pulling out their chairs, helping women put on their coats and offering their own coats or sweaters when their woman is cold. When we talk about chivalry, we do NOT talk about the reverse. When was the last time you thought wistfully about opening the door or pulling out the chair for your man? When was the last time you got a little internal tingle thinking about taking off your sweater and handing it to your man while he was shivering in the cold fall air? In our popular conceptions, chivalry is a one-way street, something men perform for women. Why is that?

Best Coffee Shops in Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh is positively bursting at the seams with things to do. From exploring the castle to hiking the hills, there’s never a dull moment! But sometimes, it’s rather nice to sit back and watch the world go by with a hot drink in your palms and a lovely date by your side. And for that reason, we’ve come up with a list of the best coffee shops in Edinburgh to take your date.

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Best Bars for a Date in Birmingham

Slap bang in the middle of the country, Birmingham is a city steeped in history, culture and some interesting sights! From stylish bars to more intimate settings, our guide to the best bars for a date in Birmingham is a must read for anyone who’s struggling to decide where to take their lucky lady or gent!

How to Make Your Man Cherish and Adore You

Do you love your man but feel there is something missing in your relationship? Do you feel frustrated and hopeless that your love life is not the way you dreamed it would be? Let’s look at how you make your man feel and what can you do to turn your relationship around and feel cherished and adored by your man.

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