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The Tao of Badass Dating Advice eBook Review!

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How To Keep Your Partner From Straying

None of us should have to do or act in a certain way in order to keep our partners from straying, but lets be honest, a little preventative measure has never hurt anybody! keep your partner from straying I personally feel that you should just be yourself in a relationship and not have to “out due yourself” in order to make your partner happy. But sometimes you just gotta put in a little effort to make things run a little smoother!

How Do You Know He Is Into You? Let Your “Internal Radar” Show You How to Find a Nice Man!

As a dating expert women ask me “How do you know he is into you?” Your radar can tell you how to find a nice man!We all have “radar” or women’s intuition upon meeting someone for the first time. It’s that little voice that speaks to us in the first 5 to 10 minutes and if we listen to our women’s intuition, it passes some gut judgement about what our inner gut (our Soul) knows and we should pay attention to.

Have The Relationship You Want And Never Let It Encounter A Failure

Like you, everyone wants to have that perfect relationship that never encounters a failure. Even though you may think it’s impossible, with some commitments and understanding, you can make it happen.

Texting An Ex Back Into Your Life
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Do you want your ex back? Find out how you can text her back into your life. A few simple text messages is all it takes to get her to love you again.

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