Never Do This When Texting Her


Dating Tips: Pick Up Lines – Do They Work?

When it comes to meeting girls, it’s amazing to see that the exact same pick up lines work every time with some guys, yet not with others. when it comes to dating and pick up lines, perhaps the pick up line itself has nothing to do with it, maybe it comes down to who actually delivers it?

How to Find an Asian Wife Using Online Dating Sites

Most times when you hear a man talk of marrying a woman outside of his own country you automatically assume she is a mail order bride. This is not the case so much anymore; not with the popular world of online dating sites.

Interracial Love, Dating and Getting Permission From Your Parents

Dating and interracial relationships are not easy for some people to understand. See how one college requires a permission note from parents allowing interracial dating among its students and how you can overcome this obstacle.

Inner Game: Recognizing Negative Thoughts

Recognizing negative thoughts is the key in finding what is causing your inner game to sink. Anytime you feel a negative emotion, be assured that a negative belief is causing it.

Having A Romantic Vacation In Seattle

The amazing feeling about being in love is that you end up being spontaneous at any given moment on any given day, and sometimes that spontaneity takes people to levels of acting in crazy ways like just jumping on a jet plane and flying to Seattle. Haven’t you ever told your boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife just randomly about taking a weekend trip to a place you haven’t been too? It should happen when you are in love.

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