Neuroscientist: It’s Like A Superpower For Low Value Men


She Wants You To Approach Her

Guys often talk themselves out of approaching a girl. In this article, you’ll learn why she doesn’t want you to do that.

How To Improve Your Seduction Skills Without Ever Getting Rejected

Seduction is a skill set just like any other skill set. And like any other skill set, the more you practice the individual components, the better you will get.

How To Decrease Approach Anxiety

Many guys would love to be able to talk to any girl that looks halfway decent. But something stops them. In this article, you’ll learn some tips that will help.

7 Simple Dating Tips For Divorced Women

Dating is not an easy task for just about everybody. It is even tougher when you are divorced. Many divorced women are hesitant to start dating.

Probability and Love: Numbers Matter

A few years back in graduate school I was introduced to social-psychologist, John Gottman, and his research on communication within marriage. Through analyzing a couple’s communication patterns, John became able to predict whether or not a couple would eventually divorce with about a 90% accuracy rate. The findings were fascinating, but what I loved even more was how the findings were proof that the field of social-psychology is indeed worthy of the scientific method; an idea still not embraced by many. I love research and studies like Gottman’s because I happen to like numbers and statistics, not because I want to solve algorithms on a daily basis but because numbers and statistics help inform policies and we all love good policies keeping us in check, right? I did more digging in the realm and encountered many other scientific studies about couple’s within in marriages, committed relationships, and dating relationships, as well as fascinating studies done on mate selection.

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