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Find Love on Facebook – Social Networking Dating Tips

Unless you have never used the internet chances are you have heard of Facebook, you may know many people who have used Facebook, and you may have a profile of your own on the social media website. Now boasting over a billion users, Facebook has grown into a social media marketing giant, with people signing up their businesses as well as completing personal profiles. One of the ways Facebook has grown in popularity is as a source of potential partners for dating.

Why Build Up Your Confidence in Dating Women

Did you know that confidence in dating is very important when you’re dating women? Which means to say that unless you first build up your confidence in dating women, your chances of landing a date will be next to nothing. But why is that so? This article will show you why.

Is It Possible To Have An Honest Relationship With No Lies Or Secrets?

If you asked me, to love and to be loved is a quintessential element of life. We all grow up desiring to be wanted, to mean something to someone and to be the reason as to why someone else is happy. When it comes to relationships, trust is without a doubt a fundamental element.

Frozen Dinner for One or One Blind Date? (A Dating Dilemma )

There you are on a Friday night sprawled out on your sofa in front of your TV, with the remote control in one hand and your cell phone in the other, debating on the most important matter of your day: frozen turkey dinner or frozen macaroni & cheese? You slowly get up and lazily yawning, start walking towards the kitchen, wondering which of the two dinners would be the fastest to cook in the microwave when suddenly, it happens!… your cell phone rings… your night as well as your luck may be about to change…

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Running a Dating Site – First Impressions

It’s the little things that can put people off when visiting a website. A simple mistake can cause the visitor to pause briefly. Getting these little things right gives your site more chance of keeping a visitor focused on the content you have worked hard to create.

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