If She Just Dumped You, You NEED to Hear This


What Not to Do When Texting a Girl

Knowing what not to do when texting a girl can be as important as knowing what you should say. It is an unfortunate fact that many men destroy their chances with women who were interested in them by the way that they text. Here you will learn some of the things that you should never do when texting so that next time you like a girl she will text you back.

How to Use Texting to Get a Date With the Girl of Your Dreams

Texting can be your best friend but it can also be your worst enemy. Any guy who has mastered the art of texting knows how convenient it can be to be able to set up a date with a single touch of a button. At the other end of the spectrum are guys who have texted back and forth for months with the same girl with little or no results to show for it. In this article you will learn how to move your text messaging quickly from that first message to the first date.

How To Kiss A Woman – Things You MUST And MUST NOT Do During The First Kiss

This isn’t your first kiss, but how will you know if she enjoys it? Will she compare you to other men and rate you badly? Does she tell you that you are a good kisser? To avoid embarrassing yourself, read on to learn the things you MUST and MUST NOT do during the first kiss…

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The Phone Game for Men – How To “Properly” Ask Her Out And Make Her Want To See You

Are you ready to call the girl you’ve been dying to ask out? Are you afraid you won’t know what to say once she answers the phone? Asking a woman out can be hard, so here are a few simple techniques you should follow to make your dating life much less stressful…

7 Simple to Follow Tips to Finding a Great Partner

At some point in their lives, most people want to have a great romantic relationship with a special someone. This can be easier said than done. The truth is that many people have no idea how to choose a good partner and make mistakes which seriously affect their lives. How do you find a good partner? Here is some advice that can help you.

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