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Is The Guy You’re Dating The One For You?

You’ve been on several dates thinking they were you’re match but none of them were what you expected. You’ve decided to stop going through online dating sites and try a reputable dating service. When you called them they asked some questions and wanted to see you in their office. They offered a free dating consultation and helped you build your profile. You were specific with the type of guy you wanted and your interests. Their professional photographer took some great pictures of you which were added to your profile.

Is It Possible To Love Two Guys At The Same Time?

It is possible for a woman to love two guys at the same time but the love triangle usually doesn’t last very long. She loves each one in a different way because her heart is more devoted to one than the other. This usually happens when a woman is married and having an affair. She loves her husband and her lover too. She has a hard time choosing one over the other because there are qualities in one that the other doesn’t have.

7 Online Dating Tips To Help Break The Ice

You’ve spotted someone within your dating site’s available pool of matches that you’d like to get to know a little more. What do you say in that first message? This is the complaint dating coaches are used to hearing, “What on earth do I send for my first message?” This is called breaking the ice and with online dating it only takes learning a few tricks to make the process an incredibly simple one.

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Why Do Older Women Fall For Younger Guys?

When women reach middle age and are still sexy, being with a younger guy makes them feel younger; and they get turned on by his charisma charm and good-looks. They want excitement in their life and their new guy makes them feel good. Some were married for years and their older husband is boring and not attracted to them anymore.

Why You Shouldn’t Fall In Love With A Stranger

When you lose a past loved one you’re grieving and alone wanting companionship. You’re left with a broken heart and need someone to help console you to get over the agony you’re feeling. You go online looking for dating sites and find one that interests you. You’re looking for a relationship so you make a profile and try to be as specific as possible hoping you’ll get matched to the person that’s like your past love.

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