How to NEVER Be Nervous Around Girls


First Date Rules and Etiquette for Women

Going on a first date can be stressful. But following the proper dating rules and etiquette, means a woman is able to feel comfortable and enjoy the occasion. By having an idea of proper etiquette it should be possible to avoid the difficult situations that often crop up, such as those involving the bill.

Eight First Date Dos and Don’ts for Women

Meeting a potential partner doesn’t take one large step; it requires a lot of small steps in the right direction. By being relaxed and confident on a first date, you are in a better place to give a great first impression.

Self-Esteem: Six Practices

High self-esteem attracts women. Because it means strength. Women find men who are survivors and protectors attractive.

6 First Date Tips for Men

If you’re preparing for a first date with a new person, the mind is likely racing with all sorts of questions and ideas. Going on a first date is often a stressful occasion, but it is made that much easier by planning ahead and preparing for it.

5 Must Know Dating Rules For Women

So, you have met this great looking charming man and you now want to make sure that you do your best to make him fall for you. A lot of women would find familiarity with the above line and are already looking for some quick rules and tricks that can help them make their date turn into a full-fledged relationship. We have 5 dating rules for women to help you make that date a special one to remember!

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